Q. Which equipment do you use?

A. At Jas Commercial Cleaning all of our products and services are 100% eco-friendly. We also use industrial grade solutions to ensure your venue receives a concentrated clean whilst being sustainable for the environment.

Q. Do I need to be at the office while the service is Delivered?

A. No you do not need to be at the office while the service is being delivered. If in the case you are away during the service we can arrange with you alternatives in which you can leave the keys at pre-designated location.

Q. Can I book a clean for the Weekends?

A. Yes we are committed to your flexibility. You can make a booking 7 days a week.

Q. How much will my cleaning service cost and how do I pay?

A. We understand every business is unique. During your booking call our experienced team member will discuss all aspects of pricing and payment methods. We will work with you in determining a package with which you are comfortable. You can pay via Paypal or Bank transfer.

Q. What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

A. Simply call us at anytime 24 hour prior to your booked appointment and we will be able to cancel or reschedule your service at no additional cost.