How to get your property ready for sale

Imagine this. You just finished construction on beautifully designed townhouses 🏨 with all the modern amenities & convenient location for your ideal first home buyer but at the moment it looks nothing like a “Show-home” but more like a fine dumping ground for dirt, dust, and debris. 

You simply cannot just hand over the keys to the new owners & walk away. For a new build property an ordinary cleaning just won’t do, because there is paint, adhesive glue, even though everything is brand new, there is a thick layer of dust on every surface. So if you want your property to sell quickly & easily…

Here is what you need to pay attention to

  1. Remove any grime, dirt, mold & mildew.
  2. Remove paint & glue from power-points, window corners & other outlets. 
  3. Make sure special attention is given to windows, walls, ceilings, exits, entrances & stairs.
  4. Vacuuming – of carpets & floors is important to remove any oils or organic matter that could cause health problems if inhaled. 
  5. Carefully remove all building materials.
  6. Clean the home top to bottom.
  7. Get two part cleaning done, deep cleaning after construction is finished & second cleaning before the buyer moves in (leave them with an impression that stands the test of time 😉 )

Extra pointers

  • Bring back that new house smell
  • Stage homes for showings
  • Tell your buyer the property has been per cleaned for them & it will be cleaned again before they move in 🏆.

Here you go a quick 7 step process to WOW your customer & sell your home fast.


Can all cleaning companies know how to take care of a new property?😕 No, To give your property the ultimate care, you need to hire a company that understands construction cleaning to take care of all large and small aftermaths of the construction works. As you know it’s not a matter of simple wipe down. 

If you are a builder 👨‍⚖️ who wants to leave your clients with an impression that stands the test of time, then why not leave them with a show home ready property? Let Jas Commercial Cleaning deliver optimum cleaning services (post-construction) so your clients move in without a single worry. We do two part cleaning, first deep cleaning after the construction is finished & second before your buyer moves in.🏡 

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