In modern times our home have become our sanctuary. We spend the majority of time in our houses and therefore must ensure our living space is supporting a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. The choices we make around our homes leaves a impression on our families which than impact our decisions and actions in other aspects of our day-to-day lives. It is therefore imperative that the way we clean and look after our home is a reflection of how we would like the world to be. An eco-friendly home comes with many benefits. It improves your health, the health of your loved ones and increases the overall sustainability of your home countering the wear and tear caused by harsh chemicals and detergents.

Little changes can go a long way in achieving a healthier home. These choices are easy, practical and might even save you a few extra dollars. Here they are!

Identify toxic products in the home

Our cupboards and pantries may have a lot of cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals which are harmful to the health of everyone in our homes. It is important to identify cleaning solutions in our homes that contain these toxic chemicals. Reading the product ingredients is a great way to understand how these ingredients affect our health. A simple internet search will help you determine whether it’s a green decision to keep the product.

Replace toxic solutions with eco-friendly alternatives

Eco-friendly initiatives and schemes have ramped up in the last decade. This is great news for consumers and residents as now cleaning solutions which are eco-friendly and sustainable are marked with a green endorsement on the packaging. This is an easy and practical way to determine which cleaning solutions are beneficial to our homes and its occupants. Go for these products next time you are in the aisles!

Dispose of cleaning solutions responsibly

The way we dispose of cleaning solutions has a direct impact to our environment. Changing the planet takes one action at a time and we can all contribute with our decision making. Avoid discarding used solutions by putting them down the drain or in the bin. These can go directly into the environment and severely impact our flora and fauna. The best option is to contact the local council and ask  them for sustainable alternatives to discarding used cleaning solutions

Choose Eco-friendly cleaning services for you home

It may be difficult to clean our homes all the time with the busy schedules we have. Whether it is working those extra hours; dropping the kids to school or even wanting to spend more time on yourself. To give ourselves more time we may use the services of cleaning companies to take the hassle out of cleaning. Prior to booking a service it is always good to confirm whether the business incorporates a sustainable and Eco-friendly approach when delivering their service.

Small changes to our decision-making goes a long way in having a healthy and Eco-friendly home. This leads to less damage to the contents of our home and increased longevity to our family as they are not inhaling harmful residue as a by-product of toxic solutions. We can all contribute to a healthier planet one home at a time.

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